Web Portal

The RailCube portal is designed for you and your clients. Via the web portal you can

  • keep track of the train status
  • outsource duties to external driver agencies
  • allow third parties to update the train composition and transport status
  • create KPI dashboards

Driver agencies

The RailCube Portal will allow you to manage outsourced duties to driver agencies

  • Duties that are not allocated to staff can be outsourced to one or more driver agencies using the windows application
  • Driver agencies can login to their personal domain in the RailCube web portal
  • After the driver agency has offered an employee, staff planners can accept or reject the offer

Share the overview

Communicate easily with your clients and share

  • the status of the transports (where is it, is it delayed or canceled?)
  • the composition of the train
  • documents such as wagon lists, brake reports and consignment notes

Your clients will have access to their transports and data. Using rights and permissions you decide who gets to see what.

Better collaboration

Allow your third parties to update transports

  • perform wagon inspection
  • update and check the train composition
  • update the transport status (e.g. shunting, loading and brake tests)

KPI’s and dashboards

Create your own dashboards with KPI’s and keep track of your performance. Think of

  • wagon usage
  • locomotive average ton/kilometer
  • daily locomotive travelled kilometers
  • daily locomotive activity time
  • fuel consumption
  • and more…

Have the RailCube portal on a TV screen to show the dashboards and internal company announcements

And much more…

Feel free to request a demo to see what else the RailCube portal has in store for you!