Staff and security

Management of staff qualifications

  • Personnel register (personal details, employment history, medical checks, leave balances).
  • Skills monitoring (route knowledge, stations, depots and rolling stock).
  • Automatic update of qualifications in response to performed tasks and training events.
  • Easy generation of reports & certificates in formats required by safety authorities.
  • Organization and tracking of training, assessments and performance examinations.

Management of driving activities, routes knowledge and qualifications

  • Automatic skills, qualifications and route knowledge updates based on actual activities.
  • Manage instructions, training, examinations and skill checks to remain security compliant.
  • Management of periodic performance reviews and tracking results.

Time registration and payroll

  • Register workhours and overtime based on planned duties.
  • Administration and calculation of holidays, sick leave and irregular hour compensations.
  • Monthly payroll generation based on time registration data.