A Modular Approach


A combination of experience and expertise.

The complete railcube solution includes the following modules:

  • Operations Management
  • Staff & Safety Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Demand Management
  • Finance Management

The biggest advantages of RAILCUBE are realized when all the modules are used.
All the tasks needed to handle a transport, from the phase of planning until the final steps of creating an invoice, will be tracked and logged and can be monitored along the process flow.

In addition, the mobile application extends the communication between office- and groundworkers.
Information about the employee’s duty and the planned activities are available instantly on mobile devices.

Reporting & controlling: monitoring tools, forecasting, and evaluation (cost, quality and reliability)

For all of its modules, RAILCUBE provides comprehensive reporting & controlling functionality. Monitoring and evaluation models are in place to provide users with operational decision making support. Dashboards and KPI’s are included within RAILCUBE in order to cover both financial and operational parameters (cost calculation, yield management, profitability, quality of service, operational reliability, respect of technical/safety constraints)

Sharing of information and interaction management

One of the major principles of RAILCUBE is the sharing of information among employees and departments within the company. Production data are accessible and understandable to other business areas such as Sales, Marketing, Finance and HR.