A combination of experience and expertise.

Aligned with business practices and the actions of operational teams

We know and continue to observe the daily challenges faced by operators in traffic management and we have been able to capture and transcribe their practices into simple and intuitive features; RAILCUBE offers versatility and unique ergonomics.

RAILCUBE is multilingual, multi-IM, multi-referential, and is already compatible with the interoperability standards for data exchange between systems respecting UIC standards (TAF / TAP TSI).

Capable of interfacing with existing it tools and third party systems

We have acquired strong expertise in technical architectures and systems from diverse railway companies, as well as repositories of paths, reference stations and locations; RAILCUBE can fit into the railway “ecosystem” by connecting to existing operational and third party systems.

Simple and complete

Within RAILCUBE the preference is simplicity rather than “fully automatic”. Over-engineering of certain tasks can be counter productive, leaving the operator too dependent on the system. RAILCUBE offers a balance between task automation and human intervention, with the flexibility and freedom to achieve optimal results.

Within a single application, RAILCUBE offers all the features necessary for railway operators to manage operations and safety, responding to their needs with its simplicity and pragmatism.

RailCube - Operations


The RAILCUBE solution is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) and offers many advantages:

Hosted solution

RAILCUBE does not require the establishment of a technical infrastructure or extensive use of IT resources: the entire platform is hosted on a redundant resilient architecture with the constant support of the technical experts who have designed and developed RAILCUBE

However, in order to be independent of your internet connection we also support the local installation on your own IT infrastructure.

Easy to deploy and use

Thanks to its modular architecture, RAILCUBE is fast and simple to configure and can be deployed within just a few days. It also offers ease of access (including remote or web access at home), while ensuring safe operation.

High reliability and performance

RAILCUBE ensures a high level of service availability. Our technical experts guarantee the availability, stability and performance of the platform by monitoring, regular maintenance, supervision and intervention in case of malfunction.

By hosting RAILCUBE in three datacenters throughout Europe we ensure our customers the fastest possible experience and best uptime. Because we are backing up your data in a secure offsite location, you don’t have to worry about the security of your important data.

Appropriate methods of charging

RAILCUBE charges are based on a monthly subscription fee. It does not require an initial investment like purchasing licenses or hardware. The costs and the administration of our subscriptions are transparent and flexible, you pay what you use!