Railway operators

Today’s Railway operators need to streamline their production processes and expand their business. In order to do so they need management simulation tools to forecast their needs.

Efficiency and accuracy

Modern Railway operators must deal with data efficiently and accurately, communicating both internally and externally (e.g. Security and Safety Regulators, Infrastructure Providers, internal and external clients). These processes are usually managed manually with basic office tools (e.g. Excel/Word documents), and involve many different people.

Software solution

Installing an easy to use and well developed software solution is an opportunity to centralize and simplify these processes. The result is more reliable data, efficient processes, and improved monitoring and control which in return give higher productivity and profitability for the Company.

A few words about us

RAILCUBE targets Railway Undertakings seeking reliable operations management and the highest safety standards.

RAILCUBE is the result of a collaboration between industry professionals (who have held Operational and Managerial positions within railway companies throughout Europe), and specialists in the design, integration and maintenance of IT solutions in the railway domain.


Our goal is to enhance operations for Railway Undertakings by continuing to develop intuitive and innovative features, resulting in more efficient and improved business processes for our clients.

The RailCube solution fosters scalable technology that streamlines business processes for our clients.

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